good monday.

1. i found these pictures that we took of our house before it was finished. i laughed because sean took a picture of everything.
2. i enjoyed great company & a great burger at the birthday bash at the Dobson's.
3. i also found some great pictures of my parents from the 70's :) i'll have to post some of them someday.
4. i had a yummy vanilla ice cream cone.
5. sean got up early to play basketball. he got all ready, got in the car, drove out to redwood, and turned back around. he decided he'd rather cuddle with me than drive in the snow :)
6. i got to wear boots! one good thing about snow {even in march}.
7. i played with monique's cute baby, haven. what a sweetheart!
8. i'm staying up past 9:30... it's a miracle!
9. alicia showed me her engagement pictures and they are adorable. I'm getting really excited for the weddings in may.
10. i finished reading the new issue of the Ensign. it's my new goal to read it {cover to cover} every month! so far so good :)


don't mess.

Don't mess with this. Unless you want me to score a 94, a 63 and then a 45 and kick your trash :) Ok all except for the kicking of your trash, this was true last night. Apparently I should never bowl more than one game. It just goes downhill from there. But Sean really did kick trash. Who knew my husband was such a great bowler? I guess he has to make up for my lack of skills! Yet another fun night with our friends from the ward! Hopefully more pictures to come {from you, Katie}.



Last night Kess & Erika came over to my house to play! Kess needed some help addressing & folding her wedding announcements. Little did I know, she wanted me & Erika to do all the work.
Here we are slaving away... our little hands are cramped and sore.
And here is Kess, kickin' back and cracking the whip :)
And here is how I get back at her :) I stuck this back in the pile... so some lucky person will get it in the mail.... jk! I wouldn't do that to Kess! In all seriousness, we {all 3 of us} worked our butts off and accomplished a lot! And had fun catching up while we were at it. The fiancee and my hubby enjoyed a nice game of Halo and watched the Jazz game. Did anyone else notice the guy on tv who gave the prophet bunny ears at the Jazz game???? Who does that? We think that guy is going to lose all use of that hand for doing it :)


good friday.

1. annette held hands with a boy last night.
2. my lips are less chappy than usual.
3. i ate a lemon meringue snack pack. yummmm. my favorite.
4. sean woke up before me. i love that. usually he just sleeps and looks all comfortable while i'm getting ready for the day. it bugs me :)
5. my cute friends kess & erika are coming over to play/work on invitations.
6. heather and i saw renaissance hair at fedex :)
7. i downloaded david cook's version of billie jean.
8. i heard the sirens go off in bountiful like they do every friday at noon. always a great reminder to me that it's the weekend! has anyone else heard/noticed these sirens??
9. i got a fountain drink on my way to work. fountain drinks are always so much better.
10. my bracket is in 2nd to last place... hey, at least it's not LAST place!


attention please!

For some reason I have recently become paranoid. Probably because Heather told me about an article she read in the newspaper recently. Anyway... we are changing our web address and getting rid of our last name on the blog. The new web address is:


Don't worry about changing the way you display our link on your site if it includes our last name. I'm not THAT paranoid. Plus we wouldn't want to cramp anyone's style. I'll probably wait until tomorrow morning to make the switch. And I'll probably comment on all of your blogs to make sure you got the memo :)

Thanks, everyone!

oh boy.

I woke up at 6:30, walked downstairs, pulled back the curtain in our kitchen, and there it was. Snow. And we forgot to cover the grill. Not only did we forget to cover it, we left it WIDE OPEN. I guess Sean hasn't been watching the news :) I went back upstairs, told Sean, and watched him make a mad dash to clean off and cover his precious grill. Come back, Spring!


ahhh spring.

Today we came home from work, fired up the grill and cooked ourselves some burgers. Sean watered the lawn. We left the screen door open. We saw a mosquito. All signs that spring has arrived! Too bad it's supposed to rain & snow the rest of the week :(
AND just in case you were wondering:

My burger: tomato. red onion. avocado. lettuce. swiss cheese. dijon mustard.
Sean's burger: mayo. cheddar cheese. ketchup.

That's how it goes most of the time in this family. I like my food colorful & spicy. Sean likes his bland & safe. Love you, Sean!


idol night.

If you weren't at our Idol party tonight, you need to come next week! We always have lots of fun. Don't worry... we talk over the boring contestants. So even if you're not into American Idol, come for the socializing! Tonight was great... my 2 Davids did AWESOME! Especially David Cook. I'm almost starting to sort of kind of maybe like him better than David Archuleta????? I might get killed for saying that...

i love the wizard of oz.

I really really like the Wizard of Oz. The book. The movie. The characters. The music. Last year when McDonalds had the Madame Alexander Wizard of Oz dolls in the happy meals, I ate a lot of chicken nuggets. And then I gave up and purchased the whole set on ebay. And now the dolls sit in a drawer in our guest bedroom :) Someday my kiddies can play with them {maybe}. I did a search the other day and found all of this great stuff that I need/want!


my dream come true!

I sent this photo in to one of my favorite blogs {the blog of unnecessary quotation marks} like 2 months ago. I saw the sign while we were waiting in the customer service line at the Washington Reagan airport in DC. I thought it was pretty funny and I was sad that they never posted it on the blog... but my dream has now come true! {see HERE} YESSSS! Don't mind the weird comments posted by viewers of the blog...


Sean went up to Timberlakes on Saturday and went snowmobiling with Steph & Brett. He says it was the most fun he's EVER had up there. It was a beautiful day and there wasn't too much powder. Brett took some great pictures of the adventure. Sean says that Brett caught him when he was landing in this picture. He says if he had taken the picture 3 seconds earlier, we would have seen Sean 10 feet in the air, doing a handstand. Somehow I doubt that... :) Thanks for the pictures, Brett & Steph.


date night.

Last night we went to dinner & a movie with some friends from the ward. We ate at the Grille from Ipanema at Jordan Landing and it was yummy! Sean always loves it when go to Brazilian restaurants. We had been to Rodizio, Samba & Tucanos, but this was our first time at the Grille & we loved it! My only complaint is that there were no fried bananas :( Those are my favorite. We had lots of fun and ate lots of meat! Despite the fact that Sean and I were anti-social for the first 2 years we lived in the ward, we have met some really fun couples and are having a blast getting to know them! Thanks, guys!
{Happy Easter!}



He hates having his picture taken and sabotages my every attempt to take a cute picture of us.
He always orders the same things when we go out. If it's chinese, he orders Sesame Chicken. If it's Italian, he orders Fettucini Alfredo. At Cafe Rio, it's a Steak Burrito... etc.
He loves his Ricks College sweatshirt more than anything. It is SO old {obviously... there is no more Ricks College} and worn out. He thinks it is an "antique".
He loves naps. He gets really upset if he doesn't get afternoon nap every Sunday.
This is where his wedding ring lives: in a bowl on his nightstand. He gets some weird rash on his finger when he wears it. But he whips it out on special occasions.
He is always texting somebody...
His idea of relaxing is watching tv. If he's ever stressed, he just plops down in front of the tv and forgets about reality!
He hates getting his hair cut with a passion! I have to BEG him to get a haircut and sometimes even drag him to the salon.He is picky and sweet and quirky and funny and stubborn and I love him.

easter festivites.

Last night we had Heather, Annette and Annette's friend Dave over to play. We dyed eggs, played fusion frenzy {yeah... I'm about SICK of that game!}, played a mean game of UNO {I won!} and then watched the last hour of The Sound of Music. It was on tv... don't ask. It was way fun! I had forgotten how fun UNO is! It got pretty intense. My little sisters slept over and in the morning we made creamed eggs on toast for breakfast. YUM. This is a Sheffield family favorite :) Plus I needed to get rid of the boiled eggs. I also posted a picture of our Easter baskets. I put them together today because we're heading up to the cabin tonight after our date night extravaganza :)