colors of our summer.

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1. yellow blossoms on my tomato plant
2. red toes
3. neon yellow + turquoise {can a woman of my age, marital & parental status pull off these glasses? truthfully, now.}
4. pinwheel baby shower decorations
5. colorful summery notebooks
6. harper in her pink hat
7. blue swings + blue eyes + green grass
8. summer salads + grilled hot dogs


9. red theater seats + us
10. darkened theater + spotlight on brian regan
{we laughed ourselves silly. tears were streaming down my face. so very hilarious.}


eight months.


harper at 8 months:
still hates the bathtub. {we haven't tried swimming yet.}
has two bottom teeth.
claps her hands when we say "yaaaay!"
mimics us when we shake our heads.
loves to eat anything {including paper towels or any paper she gets her hands on. we have to be verrrry careful about what we leave around}.
might be allergic to blueberries. {she always gets a rash on her face after eating them.}
takes 2-ish naps a day {we haven't been very structured with her naps...}
sleeps all night long... hooooooooooooooray!!!
weighs 19 lbs. nineteen pounds. she is huuuge!
wears size 12-18 months clothes.
says "mamamamamama" all the time. 'cause i'm obviously her favorite :)
is a happy chunky monkey baby.

we love her. and her thighs.


all in a week.


goofy kids.
summer sun, pony tails, flip flops, shorts.
well check for serena.
choir rehearsal.
recovering from croup.
lots of not cooking and eating out.
near death experience for serena.
kiddie pool + sprinkler time.
baby shower for kirsten.
youth conference.
sun burn {farmer's tan}.
another baby shower for kirsten.

and then...
something super duper amazingly fun and relaxing which is yet to be determined. but it needs to be good after this crazy week.


lagoon with kids.


so much fun. we thought for sure that serena would be terrified of all the rides and refuse to ride by herself. we were so wrong. she was in heaven. she wanted to ride everything. the only thing she hated was waiting her turn :)

can't wait until next time!

{can you tell that she hates the camera?}



loving these pictures that jen took of my girls!




most weekends we have a million things to do and fri-sun seem more stressful than the weekdays.

last weekend was wonderful.

i spent a few hours laughing and catching up with some friends.
we got all of our saturday chores done before noon.
we went up to the cabin to be with sean's extended family.
{the mountains were soooo green and beautiful!}
we had an awesome ward conference on sunday.
and a relaxing sunday evening at my parents house.

a few pictures of our weekend:

we need more weekends like that.


too darn early.


this little munchkin thinks that 6 a.m. is time to wake up.

her parents disagree.

it's a good thing she's {usually} smiley and adorable at 6 a.m.


things i learned or was reminded of at lagoon today.


01. the parking opens at 10. the gates open at 10:30. the actual RIDES don't open until 11. wasted lots of time standing around waiting this morning.

02. jr high is an awful awful stage of life. the girls are bratty {except for my beloved yw, of course!}, the boys are stinky and annoying. no fun at all. i wanted to hug the nerdy, pimple-faced boy eating a big soft pretzel all by himself while dozens of his peers sat in groups just feet away, gabbing and laughing. it will soon be over, buddy. promise.

03. we should avoid going on 9th grade lagoon day ever again.

04. amusement park rides are soooo fun! holy cow. i love screaming at the top of my lungs on all of those roller coasters. makes me feel like a kid. first time on the wicked coaster. loved it!

05. i cannot resist amusement park food. i just can't. churro + farr's bubble gum ice cream seemed like a great idea while i was stuffing my face. not so much now that i think about my poor diet choices today.

06. kids 2 and under may ENTER THE PARK for free. emphasis on the ENTER THE PARK. if they want to actually ride the rides, IT'S NOT FREE. we really should have known. {what did you season ticket holders with kids under 2 do? fork out $100 bucks to buy them a season pass to0? buy individual tickets for the rides? a day pass or two? please help.}

07. even in 65 degrees {it was quite cool when we got there this morning}, the butt shorts are out in full force. amazing. none of those girls should wear them {because it's immodest...} and only .01% actually have the legs to pull them off. bad. bad. bad.

08. going at night is kind of magical. must do that soon.

09. all of the old-school rides that i loved as a kid look sad and neglected with only a few riders. i will make an effort to visit them, too.

10. it's going to be a fun-filled summer at lagoon :)



jamatose: {the J is said with a french accent} jam and toast. a new favorite of hers. usually yelled at the top of her lungs over and over until she gets it. jamatose! jamatose! jamatose!

hodog: hot dog. her other favorite food.

i mees {miss} you: says this every time dad leaves or comes home from work. and also about people who are not with us. like "i mees you harper" when she is napping. or "i mees you grandma" when we haven't seen her in over 24 hours.

trawberry cocake: strawberry shortcake. she kinda loves her right now.

uh-dairs: upstairs or downstairs. depending on where she is and where she wants to go.

bing one: big one. her big brown bear. always accompanied by piggert.

piggert: her fuzzy pink bear. not sure how "pink bear" evolved into "piggert". always accompanied by bing one.

tink-a-bell: tinkerbell. her favorite movie of the moment.

uh-suit: swimming suit.

yike it: means either "i like it" or "i don't like it". confusing, right?

minnie-house: minnie mouse.

funny guy: her cousin carson :)

sisser one: sister one. meaning she wants to hear the happy family primary song.

yes-ah-do: yes i do. said very enthusiastically and often out of context. like i say "serena, did you see that big truck?" and she says "yes-ah-do!!". or "are you hungry?" "yes-ah-do!".

and here is her version of twinkle twinkle little star:


happy thoughts.


i had a wonderful birthday. biaggi's {yum!} + downeast {new dress & skirts!} + pirates {meh.} with sean. memorial day breakfast with my family. all kinds of sweet gifts. seriously, it was such a fun bday weekend! i love that my birthday almost always falls over memorial day weekend.

we may actually get to lagoon this week. first time of the season!

feeling good about the fact that i've lost nearly 45 lbs since being 9 months pregnant with harper. i'm horrified {that i was that huge} and so proud of myself at the same time.

choir school and summer rehearsals start next week!

sophie arrived on our doorstep yesterday. she and harper are already fast friends.

my sister gave me the most perfect t-shirt ever for my birthday. i keep texting her about how amazing it is. neckline=perfection. sleeves=perfection. length=perfection. i'm obsessed.

loving summery dinners with fruit and banana muffins for breakfast.

successfully assembled a new bookcase for our bedroom... with only one hiccup... which can hopefully be fixed with some wood glue.

serena is cracking me up and melting my heart these days. she is into being a mommy and wearing my clothes and shoes around. sooo cute.

harper is continuing to be a chunky monkey. love that girl. {'specially when she's nakey.}

we finally moved to the new office! goodbye dungeon of despair. hello almost-finished fancy new office!

happy happy thoughts.