Happy Halloween!

This is a picture I took just before the storm came in last night. It was a really beautiful sunset. Anyway... Happy Halloween! Sean has to go to school tonight, so I don't really have much planned. I'll be going to my parents house to eat chili and my mom's delicious homemade rolls and help pass out candy. I couldn't even wear a costume to work :(. I miss the good old days of trick-or-treating.


Sisters Night

On Friday, Sean took me on a way fun date. We first went to Barnes & Noble and he let me pick out a couple of books (I chose Dracula and A Company of Swans). He knows how much I LOVE to do that :). Then we ate dinner at the Olive Garden. I have decided that the most delicious entre there is the 5 Cheese Ziti. It is amazing! Anyway... then we went to see Dan in Real Life, which I LOVED. It was soooo cute and good and hilarious. I love Steve Carell. Plus I think he looked hot in the movie! It was a super fun date night.

On Saturday I played with my little sisters all day. Annette is in town because it is UEA. We went with my mom to see Dan in Real Life (yes, I really liked it THAT much) and then we made chicken chili at my house. I have a super yummy recipe for it. Then we picked out pumpkins at the store and carved some masterpieces, obviously. Annette did the ghost, Heather did the cat, and I did the headless horseman. The little man's head actually fell of when i was pulling out a big piece, ironically :). I had to put it back together with a tooth pick! It was a blast!

Sunday we went to a farewell for one of Annette's good friends. He was soooo cute. I hope Annette marries him when he gets home :)



Haha what a great picture :). I've been getting really excited for Christmas lately! Heather and I have been practicing music for our Christmas recital. It will be on December 15th. I'm super excited. We didn't think we'd get around to a recital this year and I'm glad we'll be able to do it. And have an entire program of Christmas music! I've been listening to Josh Groban's new Christmas album today and I love it... you all should buy it. Plus there is a track that he sings with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Anyway... yay Christmas!


Our House

This is random, but the other day I took some pictures of our house. I'll be honest... it really was because I've been imagining selling it and moving back to Kaysville :). I love our house, but I would love to be closer to our families. I know we will be eventually... I'm just impatient! Anyway... here are a couple of the pictures I took.


Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday we celebrated my father-in-law's birthday. We went with Sean's family to the pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins and then to his parents house for dinner & carving. Here are a couple of pictures I took. It was a gorgeous night! I love my little nieces :)


Halloween Party

On Saturday we had a Halloween party at our house :). It was a blast! We all dressed up and ate yummy treats and played games and watched a movie. In this picture is: Jim & Pam (from The Office), a witch, Miss Am-Erika, me, a weird vampire with no fangs & the phantom of the opera! I look slightly drunk in this picture, though I assure you I am not :)

And here we have Ariel (flapper girl) and Sean (vampire with Elvis hair). Hehe that was a fun night.
Also this weekend, Sean and I had a great experience which included our neighbors howling dog, staying up until 1:30am and waking up at 3:30 (and every 15 minutes in between), and me sending an angry email to the Home Owners Association :) Please contact me for details... if you really want them. I think that was pretty self-explanatory.


Choir Performances

For any who may not know, this is my 2nd season singing with the Utah Master Chorale. We are coming up on our Fall concert series. Here are the dates and locations for anyone who might like to attend!

*November 11, Sunday- Kaysville Tabernacle- 7:30 pm
*November 18, Sunday- University of Utah School of Music-
Thompson Recital Hall- 7:30 pm

Here are a couple of the dates for our Christmas concerts as well. I'm especially excited to sing at the Cathedral of the Madeleine... finally!

*December 14, Friday- Cathedral of the Madeleine- 8:00 pm
*December 21, Friday- Bountiful Community Church- 7:30 pm

Hope to see you there! If you want addresses or any other details, visit the website: http://www.utahmasterchorale.org/.


I almost forgot....

Sean was upset that I forgot to add this picture of him in the golf cart. We were at the CordeValle golf course in California :)

Chicago & California

Sean and I were able to go to Chicago and San Francisco these past couple of weeks. Sean gets to travel with me when I have seminars for work. We left a couple of days before the seminar in Chicago so we could spend some time sight-seeing. We went to Buckingham Fountain, Grant Park, The Field Museum & Navy Pier. We went on a sunset boat ride off of Navy Pier and it was BEAUTIFUL! Here are some highlights :)

We actually did get to go to the beach while we were in California. We went to the boardwalk in Santa Cruz. Here are a couple of pictures:


Welcome to our blog. It's still in the works and probably no one is reading this, but here it is anyway. Let's see if this works.