Happy Anneversary :)

I can't believe it will be 2 years on Saturday since we got married! It seems like we've been married for so much longer, and at the same time it seems like it was just yesterday! It has been a wonderful 2 years.

I knew it was crazy to get married 3 days before Christmas, but it's hitting me more now that we want to celebrate our anneversary and don't have any money to do it! But it's ok :) We plan to go to dinner and finish our Christmas shopping and just hang out together. I am so very grateful for Sean. I am blessed to have a good, kind, hard-working husband who loves me very much and makes me laugh all the time :)

Happy Anneversary!



Well I made it through the week!

I sang at Enrichment Night and felt really good about it. I was so nervous to sing for a bunch of women! I don't know why, but that is really intimidating to me. But I really feel like Heavenly Father blessed me to do my very best. Everyone was really nice and complimentary after.

My choir concert at the Cathedral also went really well. It was SO fun to sing in there. And we had a HUGE audience (comparitively)! I was REALLY nervous for my solo and I didn't do as well as I did in rehearsal, but it's pretty much impossible to sound bad in there! Everyone said it sounded good and I'm relieved that it's over! Now I just have to sing it one more time this Friday.

Our recital was so much fun! After those two nerve-wracking performances, this was a piece of cake! It was just fun to have friends & family come and participate. My sister-in-law Kirsten sang a solo and did a really nice job. My cousin's family sang and their daughters played the piano... it was SOOO cute! And my mom did a piano solo. Sometimes I forget how well she plays! Heather played wonderfully, as always. I am so lucky to have such an amazing accompanist on hand :)

And finally we had some time to relax & enjoy the weekend on Sunday. We went to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir & King Singer's concert/The Spoken Word in the morning. It was AMAZING. President Hinckley and President Eyring were there and it was awesome to feel the spirit when they came into the room. We also went to Temple Square last night to see the lights. It was a crazy and fun week and I'm glad it's over! Now I can get my Christmas shopping done!


UMC in the Clipper

Hey Everyone! I thought you might be interested to read the article in the Davis County Clipper about the Utah Master Chorale. Follow this link to read it:

Our first Christmas concert is tonight at the Cathedral of the Madeleine at 8:00pm. And I'll be singing a solo on "I wonder as I wander". Wish me luck!


Crazy Week, Jewel Trees

I may or may not make it through this week... I have 2 choir rehearsals and our concert is on Friday. I'm also singing for the Enrichment Christmas party on Tuesday and my recital is on Saturday! That's a lot of singing in one week! Hopefully I still have a voice for the Recital :)
Anyway... here are some pictures of the jewel trees! My grandma was a very fancy lady and had lots of costume jewelry. She made a Christmas tree with some of her jewelry and it was always my favorite decoration at her house during the holidays. After she passed away, my mom inherited the tree but the lights were broken. So a few years ago I picked all of the jewelry off of it and remade it. We had tons of jewelry from her house so I made another one, too. And here they are:

They're so sparkly and pretty! I missed them when I got married and moved out... so I made my own! They don't have as much sentimental value, but I love them all the same and they remind me of my grandma. These are mine:


December.... and SNOW!

I can't tell you how happy I was to wake up to snow on Saturday! And so much of it! Sean and I got up early and headed to Kaysville to do a few things and the drive was so much fun. I was having a hard time getting in the Christmas spirit... but the snow inspired me! I finally put the lights and decorations on our tree. Sean put up the tree last week, but I was procrastinating the hard part :)

My family (well at least the women in the family) goes to hear the Salt Lake Children's Choir sing at the Cathedral of the Madeleine every year for their Christmas concert. So my mom & I went last night. It is always an AMAZING concert and in such a beautiful building. And the best part is at the end when the audience gets to sing too :) It got me really excited for our concert at the cathedral. The acoustics are so great there... it would be pretty impossible for us to sound bad!