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{i'm just going to pretend like i have been blogging faithfully the last 4 months...}
in september, we went rented some condos at ideal beach {bear lake} and it was a blaaaaast. sean checked "trampoline on a lake" off of his bucket list. we rented a paddle boat & kayak. we had a family talent show. we ate a whole lot of good food. we played with water balloons. we went on a couple of hikes. we swam in the pool. and the best part was that it was off-season, so we had practically the whole beach/pool/resort to ourselves.
it was a real good time.


bear lake, my love.

we have been up to bear like 5 times this summer {so far!}. which is a lot of driving. BUT, it is so so fun with my kids this year! they LOVE it, and it's so shallow that they can just run around and play and i don't have to worry. i keep my eye on them, of course, but it really is just so perfect for them to run around and play in the sand and they always stay in the shallow :)

p.s. i'm starting to realize how crappy the quality of my iphone pics is after i edit them like 5 times in different apps...

more summer 2012!