bear lake, my love.

we have been up to bear like 5 times this summer {so far!}. which is a lot of driving. BUT, it is so so fun with my kids this year! they LOVE it, and it's so shallow that they can just run around and play and i don't have to worry. i keep my eye on them, of course, but it really is just so perfect for them to run around and play in the sand and they always stay in the shallow :)

p.s. i'm starting to realize how crappy the quality of my iphone pics is after i edit them like 5 times in different apps...

more summer 2012!

once upon a time.

once upon a time...

i was a really good and faithful (and perhaps obsessive...) blogger. these were grand days. days when i seemed to have endless time on my hands!(?) days before instagram took over my social media life!

well ya know what? i really want to blog again! like, REALLY. so i'm just gonna.

i'm gonna do it.

you can do it, ariel.


no sense in trying to catch up on a nearly year-long absence... so basically my kids are way older now. serena is potty trained. harper talks a lot. and we're currently living it up this summer, taking way too many trips up to bear lake. and already dreading winter. (i used to love winter, but it's just awful with kids and living in a small space. *shudder*)

here are some pics of our fantastic summer so far!

 went to zion with anthony, gina & fam.

 harper at her 18 month check up.
 went to california with the women of my husband's family for time out for women.

 a mariachi band on cinco de mayo!

 ran into that utah girl from the bachelor at the airport.

 serena turned THREE.

 got an ipad for my bday! weeee!

haha... oh so i was going to post photos of our summer, but i only got to may! bah! mkay, well later today.