much more to come.

we got home this afternoon and i'm waaaaaay too exhausted to write about the details of our trip at the moment. i'm sure there will be much much more to come, but here is a sneak peak of our thanksgiving break in hawaii!


a very blustery day.

My credit card blew out of my hand while I was filling my car up this morning. I almost had to chase it into a very busy street. I could barely get the door open at work and when I did, a huge flurry of leaves blew in with me. By the time I made it into the building, my hair looked like a rat's nest. But hopefully the wind will blow in some cold air! I'm so sick of this warm weather in November! I'm ready for boots & coats.


what to do on oahu.

we are spending our thanksgiving holiday in hawaii this year. sean's family has had this trip planned since january, i think, and i can't believe it's already here! we're so excited! but we need your help. sean and i have both been to oahu before and have done all of the super touristy things already. we're hoping you guys have some fun ideas of what to do on oahu excluding the Polynesian Cultural Center, Pearl Harbor, Dole Plantation, Waikiki, etc. please keep in mind... these activities are for a pregnant woman and a man who is terrified of sharks :)

any ideas would be appreciated!!! we leave on saturday!


i am.

Thanks for the tag, Juliann. I'm tagging Jamie, Marissa & Gina.

I am: a wife. a mommy-to-be. a friend. a daughter. a sister.
I know: that God loves me.
I want: a healthy baby. new winter clothes and shoes. photoshop.
I have: the best husband. wonderful family & friends. green eyes. lots of clothes that i never wear. a lot of books.
I dislike: doing the dishes. rude/complainy people. the smell of little caesar's pizza in my car. one-uppers.
I miss: diet dr. pepper.
I feel: hungry.
I hear: my itunes library playing christmas tunes.
I smell: way too much these days. and usually it disgusts me.
I crave: energy.
I cry: way too often. anything can set me off: pretty music, sappy commercials, normal conversations, watching the biggest loser, not being able to go on a diet before hawaii :)
I search: high and low for good books to read.
I wonder: if it will be a boy or girl. and what he/she will look like.
I regret: being a complete slacker in college.
I love: spending time with sean. getting into a good book. going to the opera.
I worry: about having a healthy baby. about car accidents. about my church calling.
I remember: my gym locker combination from jr high. my grandparents. sean giving me a bag of tootsie pops.
I dance: on occasion when i'm home ALONE and blasting my music. never in front of people.
I don't: ski. play any kind of sport. balance my checkbook. keep a journal {anymore}.
I argue: about grammar & spelling mostly.
I write: lists, notes, doodles & scribbles.
I win: at balderdash, apparently. and i hate that game.
I lose: earrings. receipts. socks. gloves.
I wish: i could bake something without it being a total disaster.
I listen: to cds and my ipod. i don't like the radio.
I can usually be found: at work.
I am scared: of sharp knives, car accidents, spiders, big dogs and losing a loved one.
I need: love. friendship. music. the gospel.
I forget: names, passwords, to send thank you notes.


the first trimester.

1. work, eat, sleep. work, eat, sleep. my poor husband was neglected because all i've wanted to do after work is eat & sleep.
2. i HATE getting up to pee twice every night. for some reason i thought this was only an issue for hugely pregnant women.
3. i hate cooking anything that leaves a lingering smell in the house.
4. i feel guilty because everyone keeps asking me how i feel and i really do feel fine.
5. i have a super sensitive gag reflex, but have yet to throw up.
6. i cry a lot. if i just start talking about something that makes me excited/happy/sad/mad, the tears will well up. i cried the other day because sean said i couldn't go shopping :) i can barely make it through a hymn without getting choked up.
7. i swear my nails and hair are growing out of control.
8. my skin has been HORRIBLE. this is my biggest complaint. this is definately part of why i've wanted to be a hermit. it's been bad.
9. i think it's a boy... and have finally decided that it's ok if it is.
10. i'm SO thirsty all the time.
11. my dreams are so crazy. i remember my dreams every night, and they're always SO weird.
13. now that we've told everyone the news, time seems to be going by faster. before we told everyone i was looking at a calendar every day and wishing so badly that it was halloween.
14. my house has never been so messy. i used to clean the kitchen/living room every night before bed. that doesn't happen anymore.
15. garlic grosses me out. the smell. the taste. yuck.
16. i've been feeling like a fatty the last few weeks, but when i went to the doctor on friday, they told me i hadn't gained any weight since my last visit. how is that even possible?? i feel like a blimp!
17. i had a burst of energy the other day and put up the christmas tree... WAY to early, i know :)

and that's my first trimester in a nutshell. now i'm officially in the 2nd. hooray!


our baby looks like a baby!

I know it's not the best picture... it's actually a picture of the picture they gave us. But our baby looks like a baby! Last time we went I was only 8 weeks along and he just looked like a little blob but THIS TIME he was moving around and he totally looked like a baby!!!!!!! I'm a little excited about it! It was so amazing to see him moving his little hands and squirming all over. And we got to hear the heartbeat this time. I was beginning to wonder if the blood and urine tests {and first ultrasound!} were just a fluke because I really haven't been very sick, especially the last week or so. But he's in there! {I think it's a boy... if that wasn't apparent. Sean thinks it's a girl}. Sean deduced from the baby's movements that he/she will be very athletic/graceful :)


wish list.

i wish i could afford to pay $5 per card and send out these lovelies to my friends & family this year! aren't they pretty??


i love this.

i desperately need this advent calendar that i saw at target. yes, i need it.



So it's been killing us to keep this a secret and we're so excited to announce that I am pregnant! We're expecting our first in May and we're sooo happy/nervous/excited/anxious/thrilled! It's pretty much impossible to keep a secret from your family when you work with them, so both of our families had already guessed. I told everyone that I would never quit drinking my precious diet dr pepper unless I was pregnant... so when I quit a month & a half ago, they all knew. We denied and denied, though, and told everyone on Halloween :) Hopefully we tricked them. {ok, stephanie, we know we didn't trick you!}

So far everything is going great! I haven't thrown up once... although I've felt terrible plenty of mornings, afternoons & evenings. Mostly all food just sounds disgusting. And the food that does sound good starts grossing me out half-way through eating it. I have had zero energy and have been struggling to stay awake at work all day! My bedtime is now 9pm, and it still doesn't feel like enough sleep. So for those of you wondering why I have been a complete hermit lately, now you have your reason why :)

We went to our first doctors appointment and apparently I'm very healthy and the baby looks great! We got to see the little heart beat on the ultrasound and it was amazing. After measuring the baby, they told us the due date is May 19 {I'll have to post the ultrasound picture later... but it just looks like a frog, so don't get too excited...}.

In short, we are really excited. We can't wait for baby to make his/her debut next year!
{we told our families on halloween with these pumpkins!}