we're moving... and new year's resolutions.

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at the end of december, sean accepted a full-time position with one of the clients he's been working for remotely for the last few years. in mesa, az. he has already started work down there and we're in the process of finding and buying a house. initially i was completely devastated. it makes me so sad that we'll be away from our families, especially for our girls to be away from grandparents and cousins. i will miss our ward and our friends. i will miss winter and snow. and grass. and autumn. {seasons in general.} and then i started getting over the devastation and started getting excited. excited for a HOUSE. excited for a piano {sean promised!}. excited for the adventure. excited to meet new people and see new things. and now i'm excited, sad, nervous AND impatient! i can't wait to find a house and be settled in. can we please skip the packing, moving, unpacking part? i'm in denial that we have to do all of that. bleh. BUT i can't wait for us to all be down there together. so that's our update. sean is in arizona. we are here. and we hope this time apart is short. with all of this change happening in our family, we {i} decided on a family theme for 2013.

Be strong and of a good courage;
be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed:
for the Lord thy God is with thee
whithersoever thou goest.
-Joshua 1:9
and with this scripture in mind, sean and i decided to jump right into this adventure. be brave, and know that the Lord is with us. our goal is to be social in our new neighborhood. don't wait for others to talk to us-- introduce ourselves. find friends that our kids can play with. it's easier said than done. especially for us. {we're kind of anti-social.}
resolutions for 2013: {gotta put it in writing or it's not gonna happen.}
- be friendly
- smile more.
- get to know our new ward. don't wait for people to talk to me.
- be consistent with family home evening.
- family prayers every night.
- get in front of the camera with my kids.
- read the whole ensign each month.
- practice the piano.
- find somewhere to sing.
- be active. winter in az is perfect for getting outside and active! so no excuses!
- eat more fruits & veggies.