UMC Christmas

The Utah Master Chorale will have 2 concerts this Christmas season:

Friday, December 14
Cathedral of the Madeleine
8:00 pm

Friday, December 21
Bountiful Community Church
7:30 pm

For details, please visit our website: http://utahmasterchorale.org/.


Well we had a wonderful Thanksgiving break. Wednesday I played with my sisters & my mom. We went to a movie called Lars & The Real Girl... I recommend it to everyone! It was hilarious and so sweet. Then we went to lunch at my favorite chinese restaraunt, Joy Luck. My sisters stayed at my house pretty late drinking hot chocolate and watching a seriously cheesy Christmas movie. Thursday I watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade (of course!). We had our Thanksgiving feast at my parents house. The whole family went to see Enchanted... which was also hilarious and sweet! Sean and I drove up to Jackson Hole late Thursday night and stayed up there until Sunday with Sean's family. It was really fun! We went shopping, played games, watched movies, had devotionals, went to see Santa, etc. It was freeeeeezing up there... but no snow :(. Anyway... the weekend was really great until I got super sick on Sunday night! I was up the entire night throwing up. I swear on my life I'll never eat guacamole EVER again! But Sean did a great job of taking care of me! Well that was our Thanksgiving and now I'm back at work!


Please Snow!

I am pretty bummed that we haven't had any snow yet! I'm really hoping we'll get some before Thursday. There wasn't even any when we went up to the cabin last weekend. And to add to my frustration, it's not even cold outside! I'm really looking forward to cold weather & snow & hot chocolate & the lights at temple square & sweaters & turning on the fireplace! So... please snow!



I'm so happy it's almost Thanksgiving! We are spending Thanksgiving day with my family. Then we'll drive up to Jackson Hole late Thursday night or early Friday to spend the rest of the weekend with Sean's family. Jackson Hole is a Thanksgiving tradition for the Smith's. This year we are going to Florida with the Smith's over Christmas break. We leave on Christmas day and come home on New Years day. I am really excited for the vacation, but I'll miss being home, too. Next year Sean promised we won't go anywhere over Christmas break! This will be 3 years in a row! I love being home for the holidays, but I'm glad for the opportunities that we've had to travel as well.


Fried Alligator

Well I haven't posted in a while. Last week I went to Arlington, Texas with my mom for a seminar. It went really well & it was fun to spend some time with my mom. We didn't really get to do much besides sit in the seminar from 9am-5pm, but it was fun! At least I can say I've been to Texas! AND I ATE FRIED ALLIGATOR! No joke... they serve it at this cajun seafoood restaraunt we went to. It was pretty good, actually. Anyone going to the Arlington area should try Pappadeaux. They also have a wicked good greek salad.

Yesterday we had our first choir concert of the season at the Kaysville Tabernacle. I thought it went really well. We were told halfway through by a 2nd soprano that the 1st sopranos & altos were flat.... hmmmm sounds fishy..... maybe it was the 2nds that were flat..... but I thought it sounded great. And it was FUN! I think Cameron (the director) was really proud of us.

For anyone interested, our next concert is this sunday at the University of Utah School of Music. You can get details at the website: http://www.utamasterchorale.org/.

Oh and a fun fact: There was a lady on our flight that was wearing a tailored pantsuit made of gold plastic. Looked uncomfortable. And I can only imagine how sweaty you would get wearing a plastic suit.... yuck.



My father-in-law emailed this picture to me. He took it when we were up at the Steve Young/ Jerry Rice golf tournament. The giant next to Sean is Shawn Bradley. I guess he played for BYU or something??? I really don't know... all I know is that he was HUGE! It was hilarious to watch him golf! And he could barely fit into the golf carts :) That was the highlight of the whole trip.