grandma & grandpa around the house.

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today i was noticing how many items i have displayed in my home that are from my grandma & grandpa. my grandpa was an ameteur artist and i love having some of his paintings on my walls. it's nice to have some decor that actually means something and reminds me of them. {not that my generic ikea canvas art isn't special...} i loved and miss my grandma so much. i think i inherited my love for all things fancy from her. she was a very fancy lady! i'm sure sean loves that i display that fancy pink doll on the mantle :)

eventually i'll finish this project and frame a few of these
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to add some more heirlooms to my decor.


Anonymous said...

I love the paintings!!

Sean said...

There is also a portrait of somebody in Serena's room. Who is that?

dave + kirst said...

oooh i like the vintage pics!

Gina Louise said...

i love old things, heirlooms, and sentimental pieces around my house too. it just gives it so much more character and love. my grandma is fancy too - you should see her house, you'd love it. although she's still alive, so i can't inherit them yet. just waiting... :)