sunday conversation.

[driving in the car]

serena: Harper, did you know that Jesus died?
harper: Jesus died?
serena: Yeah, He died. But now He's alive again.
harper: Right there? (pointing at the window)
serena: In my window? No, Jesus died in Utah.
me: Jesus died in Calvary.
serena: Is Calbury far away?
me: Yes, it is.
serena: Is He still there?
me: No, he is up in heaven now.
serena: Up there? (pointing to the sky)
me: Yeah, up there.
serena: In that cloud?
me: Well, heaven is far away and we can't see it from here.
serena: Is it a house?
me: ...
serena: Can the fairies go up there?
me: ...
serena: Is it all filled up with stars?
me: ... Um, yes. (Sure.... ??)


Mckesley Cunliffe said...

What a very sweet conversation, funny little girls :)

Dani Brandt said...

That is very cute. I always have conversations that end in me saying "yeeeeeaaaahhh, sure". Ha ha. Your girls are getting so big! Happy Birthday to Serena! Hope AZ is treating you guys well, ive heard its in the 100's already, yipes!