happy birthday, serena!

well we are here in arizona. finally somewhat settled. and yesterday we celebrated serena's 4th birthday!

before we left utah, serena went to the birthday part of a little friend in our ward and it was all she could talk about for a week before and a week after. when we would talk about her upcoming birthday, she would say, "I want to have a birthday party and invite Isaac and Kelty and Teagan. And I want to have my party at the clubhouse." it kind of broke our hearts to have to tell her that we wouldn't be in utah anymore, and her friends and cousins wouldn't be able to come to a party. but she surprised us, and seemed to have a happy birthday in spite of that. her grandparents, aunts, uncles & cousins all sent cards and gifts and she was able to talk to many of them on the phone, so she was a happy camper.

the day included bike rides, playing with new toys, birthday cake, and a trip to the funniest dollar theater in tempe. just the four of us. and it was a good day.

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Tiffany Toronto said...

I love that you are getting settled in Arizona! We are planning to come back to visit in July and would love to meet up with all the family!!