zoo day.

it's been HOT here. over 100 mostly the last week or so. that's hot for us utahns who expect lovely weather in may! last week when the weather forecast was predicting low 90s for saturday, we knew we had to take advantage of the decent weather. so we went to the phoenix zoo! lemme just say. the phoenix zoo is awesome. i've always enjoyed the hogle zoo, but now it just pales in comparison.
 fun little treehouse.
 the monkey exhibit was so fun! you get to go into the exhibit and the monkeys are all over the place right in front of you. so cool.
  harper living it up in the wagon. she pretty much downed that whole fountain drink.

 the petting zoo, which really should have been called the goat petting zoo. because there were no other animals. just goats. but it was fun, and serena especially loved it. she is a little animal lover.
it was lots of fun, and very beautiful. i didn't even feel sorry for the animals. the giraffe exhibit was great- unlike the warehouse and dirt patch at hogle zoo! and they have camel rides! serena has been dying to do that ever since she saw a picture of her cousins riding the camel. but she chickened out, saying "i'll go on it next time", so i guess we'll definitely visit again in the fall.


Coopers said...

Sounds so hot! But way to get out! We have a Zoo pass and I will only go if it is in the 70's or below. The monkey exhibit looks awesome. And we also have a "petting zoo" and laugh that ours is only goats too.

Gina said...

it's already in the 100's there?! sheesh! i'd be for wearing my hair in a bun all. day. long. it's in the fabulous 70's here. just sayin. ;)

Erika said...

Your kids sure are growing up! Where does the time go?! I guess I need to get back into blogging and be up on everybody again.